Everything You Need to Know About a French Bulldog’s Growth


With French bulldogs gaining popularity as compared to working dog breeds, many aspiring pet owners wonder how much these dogs actually grow.

Although everyone knows that these dogs are susceptible to weight gain, nobody really knows an accurate French bulldog growth chart. However, knowing the following growth stages can help develop an idea.

From Birth to Two Weeks – The Neonatal Stage

During this stage, the pups will be toothless, deaf, and blind, but they will have taste and touch senses. In addition, they will be heavily influenced by their mother and will depend on her for feeding and staying warm. In fact, they only like to sleep and nurse during this week.

From Week Two to Week Four – The Transitional Stage

When the pup grows out of the neonatal phase, its sense of smell and hearing will develop, and its eyes will open up. In addition, their teeth will start appearing, and they will show minor movements, such as taking a few steps, standing, tail wagging, and barking. Also, they will be influenced by the littermates and mom.

Week Three to Week Twelve – The Socialization Stage

This phase is for rapid development because up to week four, the pup will gain control of its bowel movements and bladder and will learn to leave its playing and sleeping area before excreting. By week five, pups become aware of their surroundings. On the other hand, the pup will learn playing and interacting by week six.

In addition, during week six, the pup will start communicating with other dogs, and physical coordination will improve as well. Also, they will start developing emotional attachments and develop bonds. By week seven, they will start demanding human interaction, and by the end of week eight, they will start eating solid food.

As a result, the pups will be ready to leave the birth family and make their way into their new home. During week seven and nine, the puppies should be potty trained, and by week twelve, they will learn to follow different commands because their focuses increase.

Having said that, during this phase, you must expose your little pup to new things to improve their socialization skills.

Three Months to Six Months – The Ranking Stage

During the ranking stage, they will start teething, and the process will go on for a few months. Also, the pet owner will be the only influencer of your pup.

Six Months to Eighteen Months – The Adolescence Stage

This is the last stage of development, and up to nine months, the pups will reach sensual and sexual maturity. However, by the 12th month, the growth will slow down because they have reached adulthood. Once the French bulldog is one year old, the dog will reach its full weight and height.

Size of an Adult French Bulldog

French bulldogs show slow growth after nine months, and when they hit the one-year-old mark, they reach adulthood. In the majority of cases, French bulldogs grow to their maximum height by the 12th month, but the weight keeps increasing until they are two years old. In simpler words, their height stops increasing but their weight increases or decreases with their diet and genetic conditions.

On the other hand, sexual maturity develops before physical maturity. For instance, they go into the first sexual phase when they are around six to nine months. This means the female French bulldogs will be able to get pregnant by nine months.

However, the male French bulldogs should be around one year old to gain complete reproductive capacity.

Height and Weight of Adult French Bulldogs

The purebred French bulldog will weigh anywhere from 18 pounds to 28 pounds once it reaches adulthood and will be over 33 cm in height. However, the female dog is likely to weigh less because it has less mass and a small head. Still, both male and female French bulldogs must not weigh more than 28 pounds, or they will be called overweight.

If you have an athletic dog, it is likely to weigh more because of bigger muscles, so if the weight is more, just consult with your dog’s vet to be sure. For weighing your dog, you can use the regular bathroom scale. However, if that doesn’t work, you’ll have to weigh the dog yourself, pick up the dog and weigh again, and minus the difference.

As far as the height is concerned, they reach full height when they are around 9 to 12 months old. However, their height ranges from 11 inches to 13 inches, irrespective of gender. Still, you can use a measuring tape to measure their height but make sure the dog is standing.

Factors That Impact the Growth of a French Bulldog


French bulldogs are susceptible to genetic and hereditary conditions, which can also impact their growth. If you purchased a purebred dog, there are high chances that you were able to see its parents, and the dog will usually grow to their weight and height.


Everyone needs proper nutrition, including dogs. That being said, if they don’t consume proper food and nutrition, their growth will be stunted. However, too much food consumption will make them overweight, which isn’t suitable either. It is suggested you ask the vet about a food chart and follow it properly.

Health Conditions That Impact the French Bulldog Growth

The pups born at ethical breeders will have better genes as compared to the pups born to unethical breeders. For this reason, you must ask the breeder if the dog’s parents were checked for hereditary and genetic defects because they impact the growth in addition to other health conditions. Some of them are discussed below.

Hip Dysplasia and Bone Issues

The dysplastic hip joints are the result of hip dysplasia, which is a genetic disorder. With age, they are likely to suffer from arthritis. In addition, French bulldogs can develop back and knee problems along with spinal disc rupturing. So, if the dog seems to be in pain, take it to the doctor immediately.

Brachycephalic Syndrome

If your French bulldog sniffles a lot, it is likely to have brachycephalic syndrome, which limits its ability to breathe. Although it doesn’t pose any harm to a dog’s life, it can cause severe outcomes, and suffocation can also result in death. In severe cases, the vet might recommend surgery.

These conditions can be prevented by regular physical activity and a proper diet. This is because it helps them develop muscles, which is why you shouldn’t stop them from playing and running. Also, make sure that your dog gets its booster vaccinations on time and is immunized. Lastly, make sure that you take your French bulldog to the vet regularly.


The male French bulldogs tend to be bigger compared to female dogs because they have faster growth during the first few weeks. All in all, they make amazing pets, and the growth chart can help keep an eye on their growth.