How Much Do Pugs Cost and Require for Their Living?

Pugs are a popular dog breed with specific characteristics that make them adorable, small, and even a little bit goofy. One of the first things that come to mind when researching this dog breed is, how much do pugs cost and require for their living? It is a very important factor to keep in mind and something you should know the answer to before getting a new animal.

What to Know About Pugs

When considering bringing a new puppy into your family, there are several things to consider. Before making any decisions, inquiries about a breed’s stature, attitude, peculiarities, wasting behaviors, cleaning and activity routines should all be thoroughly examined.

There are numerous elements that influence the purchase of a puppy. Once you are able to get an idea of a few crucial ones, you will find it easier to spot a reputable breeder or locate an adopted pug looking for a new residence.

The Reputation and Name of the Breeder

The greatest pug breeders have decades of expertise with the breed and deliver quality puppies that follow all the specifications given. They usually set up a high standard in the pug market by selling the finest breeds of robust puppies. These breeders have an established name and profile for themselves.

Amateur breeders on the other hand, are those who have just started out in the industry. They are still struggling to build a reputation in the market and might not even have any major showcase victories beneath their name. They may be able to sell their pups at a lower and more affordable rate.


Pugs are available in three different hues, as per the American Kennel Club and these colors are silver, black, and fawn. Some breeders, on the other hand, may select some exotic colors such as white or caramel for their dogs. These colors can be difficult and expensive to buy and consequently obtain. Blue, chocolate, and white shades are becoming increasingly fashionable in the industry.

Genealogy of the Puppy

Pugs with an extraordinary amount of show wins and championships from their parents, ancestors and well beyond will command a higher pricing than those with respectable but not elite lineages.

You should have a bloodline if you plan on reproducing or displaying your pugs in the future. Without one, it’s pointless to consider mating or exhibiting. It is the proof you will want in the near future as well as the potential of your genetic stock on a business scale.

Age Factors

The pricier a puppy is, the nearer it is to being two to four months in age. If a pup does not sell out within this time, the prices are frequently dropped. When a breeder retires from producing, some of their elder pugs will be sold. These mature pugs can make excellent pets and companions and are generally far less priced than a puppy who has recently been weaned.


Prices greatly vary depending on where you are from. From one region, to the next a pug has greater value. The selling price will be influenced by the cost of producing, nourishing, and training the puppies. A puppy purchased in New York or London will be far more expensive than one purchased in Europe.

Starting Prices for a Pug

The cost of a pug varies substantially. Consider spending between $1000 to $3000 on aggregate. Keeping genetics in mind, a pug with outstanding lineage may cost somewhere between $2500 to $10,000. Even though you will be spending a lot more, recognizing that the puppy comes from a good line may be worthy enough to justify the hefty price tag.

Why Are Pugs Expensive?

Pugs are costly because they have tiny litters, frequently require a C-section for delivery and are a desirable and in demand breed. A pug litter typically has four to six puppies. They are vulnerable to diseases and conception can cause difficulty. The cost of owning a pug is just the commencement: vaccinations, examinations, food, medicines, and other expenditures follow.

You will be spending plenty of time with your newfound pet, not just cash. They will need to be looked after and trained on a regular basis.

The Expenditure of Feeding a Pug

The pug is a small dog that weighs 14 to 18 pound and has a healthy appetite. These puppies require approximately a cup of feed every day, as per specialists. When they have reached maturity, the amount grows to one and a half cups. Dog food costs between $2 to $3 per pound in general.

Let’s assume that you pay $55 for 30 pounds of dog food which equates to almost 120 cups. If a mature pug consumed one and a half cups each day, the 30 pounds would fulfill 80 days of feeding your dog. So, for about $55, your dog can be fed for up to three months.

It is best to say that when we are considering the price of the pug on a whole, the food consumed or purchased will not be a big hassle.

Vet Expenses

Pugs have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years at best. However, serious health complications such as dog encephalitis and hip displacement are widespread. Elongated plate, stented nares, hypertension, and skin diseases are some of the most common minor ailments. Out of these, obesity and dermatitis are the easiest and simplest illnesses to avoid for a pug.

Pugs tend to gain weight quickly, which is bad for their slender stature. A pug’s weight should be kept at a healthy level to avoid future problems. According to several experts, there are some major concerns faced by pugs and they can be quite expensive to treat.

  • Shunted heights: The treatment for this ranges between $2000 to $6000.
  • Dermatitis: This disease is very common and takes about $300 to $2500 to heal, depending on the severity of the problem.
  • Cysts: They are more common during pregnancy and cysts cost somewhere between $4500 to $10,000 to become better.
  • Leg and Calf diseases: Ranging from $1000 to $3000, this ailment is not very easy to cure and can result in paralysis.

Additionally, if you do not intend to breed your dog, you should have him or her spayed and neutered, which can cost between $250 to $500. Veterinary bills are inevitable, but if you look after your pug’s general wellbeing, you can save a great deal of money on these bills.

Why Should You Purchase a Pug?

The pug has been around for almost 2000 years and its origins can be traced back to the ancient Chinese and Japanese monarchs. If you have the resources, then the question of how much do pugs cost may not be that much of an issue.

It is undeniably one of the most well-known purebreds. The pug was raised to be a partner and is peaceful, quiet, and kind, with a playful nature that is ideal for both solitary owners and huge families alike.