How to Contain a Husky: Tips to Follow to Control Them Better


Huskies are beautiful dogs but tend to be full of energy a lot of the time. Stubborn and very independent, huskies will even jump over a fence and head out in their own direction, making it difficult for pet parents to keep up with them.

Nevertheless, if you’re curious about how to contain a husky, you’ve come to the right place. Below are a few ways to contain your husky even if you’ve tried everything in the past.

How to Contain a Husky?

If you want to keep your husky close by, the first thing you should do is realize why they’re like this in the first place. Keep in mind that huskies are used to pulling sleds up to fifty miles a day, sometimes doing so without much food or rest.

In other words, they’re strong and are used to working extremely hard. If you own huskies, you’ll quickly notice that they love to be active and even prefer running around to cuddling with their owner.

You should know that huskies also love to dig underneath the fence in an attempt to escape, but there are a few things you can do about this. First of all, even boredom can cause huskies to start digging under the fence, which means you have to do something to prevent them from doing this.

For starters, you can staple chicken wire to the bottom of the fence, or you can place concrete at the bottom so they are simply unable to dig.

High Fence Will Help

Huskies will dig even if the fence is very high, but that doesn’t mean that a high fence won’t help. In fact, your fence should be one of the first things you check if you own a husky. Experts recommend a solid wood fence that is a minimum of five or six feet tall.

The wood is necessary because it prevents the huskies from viewing what’s on the other side of the fence, which means they’re less likely to be anxious to jump the fence in the first place. It also means climbing the fence is impossible.

Huskies are extremely energetic dogs, so you can try providing them with a lot of physical and mental stimulation so they stay busy for a longer period of time. As a general rule, huskies require roughly two hours of exercise every day – much more than the average breed.

Stimulation in the form of games, challenges, and interactive puzzles go a long way in keeping them occupied, but this works better if combined with another tip because you can’t keep them occupied forever.

Does Training Help?

Obedience training can help contain a husky, but it’s recommended that professional trainers be used instead of doing it yourself. Why? Because huskies are notoriously difficult to train, due to their strong-willed, independent nature and their strength. This is not to say you won’t be successful in training your husky yourself, but it’s simply easier, less frustrating, and normally much more effective when a professional takes over these duties.

Of course, training alone may not be able to contain your husky, and one of the things you can try is to look around your yard and check for things that might make it easier for your dog to escape.

Look for things such as ladders, trees near the fence with low-hanging branches, piles of wood, and even garbage cans. In other words, look for anything that might be considered an aid that helps your husky get closer to the fence and jump over it.

On this same note, you should also be constantly looking for places where your husky may have dug or otherwise tried to escape. They are very creative when it comes to trying to leave the yard and enjoy more freedom. The sooner you discover these potential get-away spots, the sooner you can do something about them.

What Can You Do When Your Husky Jumps a Fence?

If your husky is successful at jumping over the fence, you can get a new fence and heed some of the advice mentioned above, but can you do anything else to discourage this type of behavior? In addition to what you’ve already learned, below are a few things that are usually successful for pet parents to contain their husky:

  • Spay or neuter your husky to reduce aggression
  • Make sure they eat well and take vitamins to help make them less likely to want to escape
  • Use a shock collar, but make sure it’s one that uses vibrations instead of actual shocks because these tend to work best
  • Build a kennel run – a separate fenced-in area of the yard that allows your husky to run as much as they wish
  • Use the right landscaping, which includes lots of tall trees and bushes planted near your fence line
  • Use a leash, but this should be a last resort because most experts believe that keeping dogs on leashes for long periods of time is not a good idea

You can also consider building a double gate in your yard. This way, when you leave the yard, you can close the first gate and leave the dog behind, then exit through the second gate at your own leisure without worry that the dog will escape.

Keep in mind that most of the tips mentioned here work better when used in conjunction with one or more other methods. In addition, each dog is different and therefore, what works for one may not work for another one.

This is why you shouldn’t get discouraged if one or two of these methods doesn’t work for your dog, although building a high fence and securing the bottom section of the fence are two of the methods that tend to work for nearly everyone.


Huskies have tons of energy and are incredibly strong and active. They do not like to sit around and do nothing for very long, but if you find ways to prevent them from getting out of the yard and give them a lot of exercise and things to do, not to mention keep a close eye on them, they can be much easier to control.