The Corgi-Golden Retriever Mix: Things to Know About the Golden Corgi


Corgis are some of the most popular dogs in the world, which is no surprise when you consider how adorable, loyal, and smart they are.

Lots of people also look for mixed-breed dogs that are part Corgi and part something else, including the Golden Corgi, which is a mix between a Corgi and a Golden Retriever.

To be sure, there are numerous reasons why this dog makes a great family pet, especially when you consider the pleasant dispositions of both of these breeds.

Corgi-Golden Retriever Mix: What You Need to Know

Both Corgis and Golden Retrievers have friendly and pleasant personalities, and ever since the 1990s when breeders decided to mix these two breeds, it has become a very popular designer breed that is in great demand.

To discover why this mixed breed is such a great dog, it’s best to take a look at both Corgis and Golden Retrievers individually.

The Corgis

Corgis come in two types: the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. As you can already guess, Corgis originated in Wales and were originally bred as herding dogs, herding both cattle and sheep.

Corgis are tiny dogs with barrel bodies, short stubby legs, and upright fox-like ears. They are absolutely adorable and loved by both celebrities and royals alike, among others.

Corgis are smart and make great family pets, but they can also have a stubborn streak that can make training them a bit of a challenge.

Not to worry, though, because all you need to do is show them from the very beginning who is boss, and the rest should be easy. Corgis also have tons of energy, which is why they need at least one hour of exercise per day.

The Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are beautiful dogs, and they just happen to be the third most-popular dog breed in the world. They were first bred in 19th century Scotland as hunting dogs, and they have gorgeous double coats that come in various shades of gold and beige.

Their tails are elegant-looking and swish back and forth as they walk, giving them a grand entrance everywhere they go.

Golden Retrievers are loyal and very smart, and they usually have a very laid-back personality.

They are also not an aggressive breed unless they are fearful of something, but you can lessen those odds simply by training them and socializing them early. They usually live 10-12 years, as compared to 12-15 years for corgis.

What Makes the Mixed Breed So Unique?

The truth is, when you mix a Corgi with a Golden Retriever, there are several possibilities regarding the dog’s personality and looks.

Most of the time, what you’ll find is a dog that has a broad head like the Golden Retriever and a very long and low-riding body like the Corgi. They normally are medium to large in size and weigh 30 to 75 pounds. They also grow to 10 to 18 inches in size.

What type of pet parent should get one of these Golden Corgis?

While you can have one of these dogs whether you live in an apartment or a house, the dog itself is usually much happier when it has a large yard to run around in and play for long periods of time. They can also come in colors such as brindle, fawn, sable, or blue merle.

Are These Breeds Hypoallergenic?

Both Corgis and Golden Retrievers are very fluffy and have double coats, so the Golden Corgi is definitely not hypoallergenic. This means that if you tend to be allergic to dogs, you need to stay away from this one.

You can also count on medium to large amounts of shedding, so be prepared to brush the dog’s coat at least 3-5 times per week, if not daily.

As far as personality goes, the Golden Corgi is a delight to have around the house. They are upbeat, loving, friendly, and very playful, so they tend to get along very well with families that have kids and/or pets.

If they inherit more of the Golden Retriever’s personality, they’ll be easier to train than they would if the Corgi’s personality is more dominant.

Taking Care of Your Golden Corgi

All dogs require a balanced diet in order to stay healthy and happy. With a Golden Corgi, make sure you choose high-quality pet food and kibble that is specifically made for high-energy dogs that are medium or large in size.

That being said, you should watch the treats you give to these dogs because they are prone to being obese.

Of course, if you have any concerns about your Golden Corgi’s health, you should consult with your veterinarian.

Regular visits to the vet are important because with a mixed breed, each dog is a little different and therefore, one dog might have different needs than the next one. If your Golden Corgi gets regular exercise, a balanced diet, regular brushing, and loving care, it should grow and thrive with ease.


A dog that’s a mix between a Corgi and a Golden Retriever is called a Golden Corgi, but there are other names for this dog as well.

They tend to have a pleasant personality and are loving, loyal, playful, and very smart. They are usually medium- to large-sized dogs that have a lot of energy and need lots of time outside exercising.

Caring for Golden Corgis is easy because they need regular brushing, a healthy diet, regular exercise, and of course, lots of love—just like most dogs do!